After the pain but before the glory

So life has spun its web and the path has been chosen, before we have even realised that we have entered into an  experience we have thought that we would not need to have, raw emotions that arise that we sit and ponder ”why oh why” do I need this in my life?.

Now right at this moment we have a very big decision to make.

Do we play the victim to life and join in on the very thing’s that we do not agree with or do we take the opportunity to learn what we can, to grow and then, to teach?

Because as we all know that when all the pain and suffering of a situation is said and done, we sit and ponder ”why oh why” did I make those decision’s that I am not quite happy with myself that I had made?

Well we the controller of our emotion’s can have any experience that we so yearn for, it is up to you as the individual to make the experience of life you tool for knowledge and power.

The glory of any experience is that when we have overcome these situations that life can throw our way, and we have chosen to become the bearer of knowledge and accept the teaching’s from the divine, we then become the teacher.

Being able to teach and share knowledge is the ultimate art of love and compassion, but first we have to love our self’s enough to learn.






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